Simply Honey

I view our honey as a magical elixir.  Each bottle the result of the flowers ability to capture sunshine and turn it into food.  No wonder the bees fell in love with the flowers.  It is their nectar that the bees lovingly and magically convert into the honey we adore.

Herbal Honey

Our herbal honey, takes that magical elixir (honey) and infuses it with the power of herbs. The best of both worlds. May our infused honey enliven your senses, calm your soul, and nourish your heart. $3 from every jar sold goes to the Foundation for the Preservation of Honey bees.

Hive Products

The other items that we make and love are using gifts from the hive. Whether we are using honey, wax, or propolis, these items are sure to delight and bring Well BEEing.

Right now we are small and do not offer online orders for our products.  Simply email us to request a product via mail.  We will make it happen for you.