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Well BEEing llc was born from a love affair between plant and bee.  That magical connection bore more than just honey.  It was this alluring relationship that captured my heart, awakened my senses, and changed my life forever. Well BEEing llc weaves my love of plants and honeybees and their magical connection into passionate products that reflect that magic.  May this relationship continue to grow and may the magic enchant you as it has me.  May the products I make bring Well BEEing to you and your home.

My name is April.  I have been keeping bees since 2008.  The longer I do it, the deeper my connection to these sacred creatures.  Their wisdom is deep, ancient, and vast, and I feel so blessed to have been called by them. I am so grateful to my teachers Dan O'leary and Rick Sallmann for being so generous with their time and knowledge so that I might answer this call.  Right now, bees need people to be their voice.  We are in changing times, and I hear the bees begging us to wake up, connect, and make changes that will lead to co-existence with all living beings.  With loss of habitat, increased use of pesticide and fungicides, mono-crop agriculture, and aggressive beekeeping practices, our precious honeybees are in danger.  I strive to listen and act in sustainable ways that will nurture not just the bees, but our entire planet. 

I have also been called to the plants in numerous ways for most of my life, although as a child trailing through the woods behind my mother and first teacher, I was not always excited about it.  As an adult though, they spoke louder and louder until I could not ignore them.  Working intimately with the plants has become a way of life for me.  I am grateful for the many teachers that laid a path before me.  Linda Conroy of Moonwise Herbs has been my primary formal teacher and I am forever grateful for her many lessons and the many learning opportunities that she has helped make possible for me.  As founder of Midwest Women's Herbal, she has helped to create a space that brings countless teachers, such as Rosemary Gladstar, to my neck of the woods to learn and grow from. Linda learned from teachers such as Susun Weed, who learned from teachers such as Juliette de Bairacli Levy, all of them passing on the wisdom of generations to women today. The fierceness and fire that these women hold has changed my life. Weaving my work with plants into my work with the honeybees seemed natural and representative of the interconnection that we all have.

I hope that Well BEEing products will help to bring well beeing to you and yours. Your support will make a difference.  We donate part of our profits to the Foundation for the Preservation of the Honeybee.

Thank you for your support.